June 30, 2017

ONE HAND BACKHAND | Proper Body Alignment

How would you like it if there was a coach out there that will teach you the CORRECT ways for you to up your tennis game? Well, look no further; we have those tips for you! In this video lesson, we are going to teach you the proper body stance for you to be able to Read more...
May 11, 2017

TENNIS BACKHAND | First Move Relaxation On Two Handed Backhand Tip

The secret to getting that amazing two-handed backhand lies in the palm of your hands— literally. It’s how you relax on your swings. You should not be too tense on your swings, because it decreases the quality of your shots because of the tension you’re applying on your racket. How to achieve a great two-handed backhand, you ask? Well, we’ve got that covered for you! Read more...
June 19, 2016

Do you like the Djokovic or Murray Backhand?

Who Has The Better Backhand? Djokovic or Murray? So, who has the better backhand, Djokovic or Murray? Which one do you like and why? The obvious choice is to pick Djokovic as having the world’s best 2 handed backhand but I’m not convinced. Murray can do things with that shot that is downright unreal. Low [...] Read More
December 21, 2014

2 HANDED BACKHAND | Use The Lansdorp Finish On The Low Ball

Today we are talking about the 2 handed backhand. Many players seem to have issues with the low ball on the 2 handed backhand. I want to share a tip from one of the best coaches in tennis, Robert Lansdorp. Lansdorp taught a handful of [...]Read More
December 1, 2014

1 HANDED BACKHAND | It’s Okay To Have A Big Backswing On The One Handed Backhand

In today’s video lesson, you’re going to discover how you can improve your 1 handed backhand, a shot that any players struggle with. Interestingly, getting clarity on what to do with your backswing can make all the difference with your [...]Read More
February 18, 2014

How To Improve Your Backhand | Simple Drill Against The Fence

Here's a great tennis tip for your backhand that you can use to develop down the line winners that strike fear into your unexpecting opponents. The safe, high percentage play is to go crosscourt with the backhand, but the top players [...]Read More
November 19, 2013

How To Hit A Slice Backhand

A lot of players receive a lot of misleading information about how to hit a slice backhand. Today, I want to talk about your off hand and arm and how to use it most effectively. A lot of "traditional" tennis coaches will have to push [...]Read More
July 31, 2013

Tennis Backhand Tip | Handle The Wide Backhand With This Move

In today's tennis lesson on the backhand, we're going to cover how to move out for the wide ball. Novak Djokovic uses this first move on his backhand and if you can add this to your game it's going to help you movement out a ton. With [...]Read More
May 1, 2013

Backhand Tip | How To Handle The Deep High Backhand

Today's tennis tip, we are talking about the backhand. To be more specific, we are going to talk about that high deep backhand that drives tennis players nuts. I know many people hate hitting high backhands. Many tennis players are not [...]Read More