August 8, 2017

Live On Court Lesson | Forehand Return And Forehand Inside In

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March 31, 2017

Tennis Serve Return Tip: Step In On Weak Serves

Slow serves can be really annoying. Do you come across them frequently? Do you want to crush them and hit a powerful return? Well then, check out this Read More
December 23, 2014

RETURN OF SERVE | How To Move Back On The Return

Today we're going to go over a return of serve lesson that will add more variety to your game. It’s all about moving back on the return of serve. You’ll want to use this return strategy at certain times in a match to thrown your[...]Read More
September 24, 2014

RETURN OF SERVE LESSON | How To Have Better Balance

I’ve got a powerful return of serve lesson for you today that’s going to help you with your balance. The reality is that most players are off balance when they return serve and don’t know how to use their feet and body properly. The [...]Read More
January 6, 2014

Return Of Serve Footwork: Easily Handle The Wide Forehand Return

The return of serve footwork is a concept that many players ask me about in lessons and via email. Most players are told to just react to the serve and not worry about having the proper the return of serve footwork. If you don't learn [...]Read More
October 19, 2013

How To Rip A 1Handed Backhand Return Of Serve

Today we're going to talk about the return of serve in, specifically how to attack with the 1 hand backhand. If you have 1 hand backhand, you probably aren't using it as a weapon on the return of serve and that will limit your ability [...]Read More