March 2, 2018

The 1 Strategy To Beat The “Pusher”

What would it take for you to finally frustrate the pusher, instead of the pusher frustrating you? Read More...
February 13, 2017

Singles Strategy: The 2-1 Groundstroke Play

One of the best ways to get your opponents on the move is to give them something that they would least expect. In this video lesson, we are going to show you how you can perform a surprise counterattack called [...] Read More
January 25, 2017
One way to Beat the Pusher

Singles Strategy: One Way To Beat the Pusher

“Sometimes, you need a little patience.” -- Guns and Roses, and truthfully you need every bit of it when you play an annoying pusher! In this video lesson, we are going to [...] Read More
October 29, 2013

Tennis Lesson For Advanced Players

Today you're going to get a tennis lesson for advanced players, and it involves how you can start using the topspin lob when your opponent comes to the net. One of the keys to using the topspin lob tennis lesson is setting up the shot [...]Read More
August 28, 2013

Tennis Serve Patterns: Slice The 1st Ball Off The Backhand

Today's online tennis lesson will go over when you can use the slice backhand at an important time. I get a lot of questions about the slice backhand and when to use it. I believe the slice is a great shot to help mix up the point, and [...]Read More
August 6, 2013

6 Reasons To Perform The Glute Bridge Exercise

The glute bridge is one of the most powerful exercise you can add to your tennis training routine. Let's get into the 6 reasons why you need to be performing this exercise on a regular basis. The glutes are the strongest muscle in [...]Read More
June 24, 2013

Secrets To A Winning Tennis Strategy | Mix It Up On The Returns

Today's winning tennis strategy is all about the service return and how you can mix it up to throw off your opponent. To neutralize a good serve, giving your opponent a different look from time to time can make a big difference. There [...]Read More