June 16, 2017
tennis serve lesson avoid the big step

TENNIS SERVE | Avoid The Big Step Tennis Serve Lesson

“Little things make big things happen.” — John Wooden As the old saying goes, big things come from small beginnings. It’s not always advisable to push achievements by taking bigger steps. The same goes with your serve! The only thing that happens when you take big steps is you throw yourself off-balance, and that is a big NO, especially since more shots will come your way after you hit that serve. So, what do you do? Read more...
May 10, 2017

TENNIS SERVE | The Same Side Finish Secret Serve Lesson

Many players and coaches think that the finish of the serve motion is highly irrelevant, and that the magic happens at contact ONLY. Well, I think that they’re wrong. Read more...
February 17, 2017

Tennis Serve Lesson: Fix Your Rhythm

Are you struggling with your rhythm on your serve? This is actually one of the most common problems tennis players have. Many of them—and even coaches, think that [...] Read More
August 13, 2013

Tennis Serve Tip | How To Recover Fast After Your Serve

One of the best tennis serve tips you can use is to recover properly after you hit the ball. There are a lot of tennis serve tips out there on how to hit the serve, but how many players and coaches talk about how to recover after you [...]Read More