So, what’s the problem? A lot of players – not all, but a lot of players, when they hold the racket, their fingers are very close to each other. This is okay, but the index finger should be an exception. This is a small mistake that is pretty much overlooked by coaches.

Spread out that index finger, also known as the “Trigger Finger”. The positioning of your hand should be angled on the racket. DO NOT hold it in the block grip formation! By doing so, you’re going to have too much tension in your hand when you swing, and you’re not going to have the feel that you want Tennis is a game of feel. You want to be able to get that feel of the ball hitting the strings, make sure to hold the racket correctly, with the index finger spread.

Over at Tennis Evolution, we make sure that perfecting this finger placement is a prerequisite to anything else, so that the players will have a good foundation for their games.

I’m really looking forward to helping you improve your game. 

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  1. David Giannandrea says:

    How is the trigger finger used in the one-handed backhand?

  2. meg peavy says:

    In my 45 hours of teaching a week I spend quite a bit of time “re-teaching” techniques as basic as this ! 😉

  3. Gary gonzalez says:

    Great tip Jeff,that trigger finger also helps my wrist

  4. John Mann says:

    Spreading the fingers, especially spreading the index finger, gives more feel in the fingers, which seems to lead to more control. Also, spreading the fingers relaxes the hand and wrist.

  5. Paul Czerner says:

    That’s worth considering, because sometimes when I hit a good feeling shot, I feel it between the base knuckles of my index and ring fingers.

  6. Dennis says:

    I am under the impression that Wawrinka hits his backhand with fingers closed hence more power while federer with index finger apart therefore more versatile. Any comments?

  7. Noushin says:

    Many thanks for sharing your invaluable experience and knowledge!

  8. Mike Ramjattansingh says:


    How can this trigger finger position help your serve?

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