This video will help you improve your backhand volley, and how it serves as a vital part of your success at the net.

You will see how to use the back-to-front footwork pattern to maximize your backhand volley effectiveness.

The title says it all. All you have to do is to check out this video for a demonstration of the footwork pattern and a strategy to improve your backhand volley!

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  1. Matt says:

    Pure awesomeness- YES! – so many good tips in there – thank u for sharing

  2. Moby says:

    That was amazing. I’m blown away by what I have just experienced. Can not easily put it into words but feel somehow liberated; is that possible?. My backhand volley is terrible; a complete disaster every day despite working on it for years. Somehow this video has crushed and smashed everything that was holding me back in a few seconds and taught me a whole new world of volleying too!…Wow. What just happened?

  3. Javier Gomez says:

    I really appreciate your videos. Would you please show me about forehand volley? Thx. Best Regards.

  4. Lucy says:

    Great tips Jeff! I’ll definitely try them next time am on court. Thanks for sharing, always appreciated.

  5. Noushin says:

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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